ISO 22000:2018 explained in 25 diagrams - sample

Nuno F. Soares

I have stop selling this e-book since I am working on a new one that will also include the new FSSC 22000 V5. If you need this book desperately :) please send me an e-mail to:

This is a sample from the e-book that includes not only the main changes introduced by the recently published update, but also a new approach to the standard, utilizing 25 diagrams to get a clearer picture of its clauses.

You can download the sample for free simply enter a 0 into the price box!

More about the e-book PRO version:

Within ISO 22000:2018 Explained in 25 Diagrams e-book you will also find an interview with Mr. Dimitris Katsieris. Dimitris, member of the ISO TC 34/SC17 (technical committee responsible for the ISO 22000 update), speaks about why ISO/TS 22000-x remains not mandatory, how to define when a control measure is managed by OPRPs or at CCPs, and specifically how Food Safety and Food Fraud is embedded in the new ISO 22000.

FSSC 22000 is based on ISO 22000. Therefore, we interviewed Mr. Aldin Hilbrands, Technical Director for FSSC 22000 responsible for all Scheme requirements and IT. Aldin speaks about his viewpoint on the new ISO 22000 and the future of FSSC 22000.

An extra diagram is used to guide you through one of the most challenging points of the ISO 22000 - the categorization of control measures as to be managed as OPRP(s) or at CCPs.

By downloading the e-book you will gain all this and contribute to WaterAid's vital humanitarian work providing potable water and improving hand washing in communities where it is absent. We, as food safety geeks, know how basic and important that is! I have joined Work for Good so they will independently monitor my commitment of donating 10% of the e-book sales proceeds.

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ISO 22000:2018 explained in 25 diagrams - sample