Food Defense MasterClass

Nuno F. Soares
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We have two options, we believe this happens only to other companies and will never happen to you or we get prepared! If you are here, I am sure you are the kind of food safety professional who likes to be prepared.

In the picture above you can see a real picture a table of the Step by Step guide being used.

During the MasterClass you will learn not only the steps to implement a Food Defense Program but also:

  • Current drivers

  • Factors you should look for to identify threats

  • How to challenge your Food Defense program

  • Circumstances conditioning Food Defense Vulnerability

  • How to use the Food Defense Step by Step Guide

"It widened my thinking about possible situation where we should pay attention to ensure the safety of our product. This class actually give me an idea to share with my superiors on my company." Rafael Coelho

At the end of the MasterClass you will have a powerful tool to support you in developing or improving your Food Defense Program and protect your organization from intentional attacks: The Food Defense Step by Step Guide.

BONUS INSIDE: Food Defense ebook

After clicking in I want this you just have to introduce some basic information to get your e-book. If you have any problem with the buying process just reach me here.

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Food Defense MasterClass

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